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Laika joslas attēliPedal of the Day: The Jānis.lv Miesnieks Overdrive Distortion #pedaloftheday

"If you don't speak Latvian, DON'T WORRY: we went ahead and translated the writing on the pedal for you! First off, Miesnieks translates to "butcher," and is fitting as this pedal is both beefy and heavy, while still staying smooth and not too harsh, as some distortion pedals tend to do...."

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“Miesnieks X” is true-bypass, analog, handmade distortion/overdrive pedal made by Jānis Altmanis (Jānis.lv) from Birzgale, Latvia. Originally designed for guitar but will work great with bass guitar and other signal source too.

“Miesnieks X” in translation from latvian language means “Butcher”. Why? Because this effect sounds beefy and heavy but at the same time It is very smooth and you can get very nice tone from all strings.

Skaļums – The pedals master volume
Tonis – Tone control with huge range of tonal choices
Jauda – The amount of drive
Spēks - The amount of drive for second channel
Switch – More gain or less
- LED: Red
- Power supply: 9V regular center negative power adapter (Boss type). Adapter not included. You cant put 9V battery in this pedal.
- True-bypass
- Components through-hole (no SMD)
- Protection against polarity inversion
- Jacks for input and output: 6.3mm
- Comes with rubber feet (not glued).

Each and every Jānis.lv pedal is soldered, wired, assembled and finished by hand in Birzgale, Latvia. Letters are punched in enclosure in Latvian language.

Please feel free to contact us! janis.altmanis@gmail.com

-Gibson LP Traditional T
-Peavey 6505+
-Two Notes Torpedo Reload
-Optima Strings optima-strings.com

Video was Recorded, Mixed and Mastered on May-June 2018 at “Vultura Studio” in Czech Republic.

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